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An educational site

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© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Guédelon is a journey back in time.


Step over the threshold into the heart of a by-gone age.  No harsh mechanical sounds, no engines running - just a natural environment that elevates the senses. Explore the site to the sound of metal on stone, the sawing of wood, horses' hooves on bare earth and the hammer striking the anvil - become totally immersed in the 13th Century.


Guédelon, unlike most other building sites, is open to the public. One of the project's principal raisons d'être is to demonstrate and explain to as many people as possible, the craftsmanship of our forebears.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Quarrying, stone carving, stone masonry, woodworking, transporting materials by horse and cart are just some of the many crafts and skills that visitors to Guédelon may discover or re-discover.


Guédelon is an educational tool, suitable for use by people of all ages.


Guédelon: living history


Each season around 50,000 schoolchildren come to Guédelon and follow activity trails specifically designed for children.

A field trip to Guédelon is the ideal way to bring to life the school history curriculum.

© F. Folcher - Guédelon

© F. Folcher - Guédelon

No virtual reality here - throughout the changing seasons, a quarry and a forest form the background to the building of a real castle.


The guided tours, demonstrations and in situ explanations engage the students and give real meaning to history, architecture, geometry and the sciences.


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guédelon updates

Guédelon is open!

The site re-opened its doors on March 16th.

You will find full details of our dates and opening times here on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you this season to watch the work in progress, notably the building of the castle's final cross-rib vault in the chapel tower, but also the working watermill and the exhibition on hydraulic power in the Middle Ages..




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