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Guédelon's building plans

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Guédelon's building plans

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1997 - 2010: Building timetable


Guédelon's building plans

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Guédelon's building plans



Guédelon is not a restoration project, but rather a construction from the ground up; therefore, in order to apply for planning permission, architectural plans were needed.

Jacques Moulin, head architect at monuments historiques, was given the task of drawing up these plans.

A graduate of l'Ecole pratique des hautes etudes, where he wrote a thesis on Pierre de Montreuil and 13th century architecture, Jacques Moulin was one of the project's first supporters.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Fresh from his restoration experience at Provins, he proposed that Guédelon castle should be both a visitor attraction and a place of genuine research into the techniques employed in the construction of historical buildings. The aim at Guédelon would no longer be to simply produce a finished castle, but rather to observe, down to the finest detail, each phase of the construction. This was a considerable challenge: a rigorous scientific approach would be required, that had to be both appealing to the public, and capable of providing answers to the questions of medievalists.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

"The Guédelon building site has provided me with a unique experience in my role as head architect.  If I want accurate restorations, I need to use building techniques which even specialised companies do not master.  We are confronted by a paradox: rebuild the old with radically modern methods." 


Jacques Moulin interviewed by Monelle Hayot for La Demeure Historique.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Planning permission was granted by Treigny's town hall on July 25th 1997.

Jacques Moulin's plans provide a general impression of the castle's outward appearance: the position of the towers and castle buildings etc.

The specific details - vaults, windows, stairs, doors etc. - are scrutinized, and then the architectural plans are drawn up, by the project's master-mason, Florian Renucci.


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