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Guédelon's building plans

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Guédelon's building plans

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1997 - 2010: Building timetable


Guédelon's building plans

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Guédelon's building plans



Guédelon is not a restoration project, but rather a construction from the ground up; therefore, in order to apply for planning permission, architectural plans were needed.

Jacques Moulin, head architect at monuments historiques, was given the task of drawing up these plans.

A graduate of l'Ecole pratique des hautes etudes, where he wrote a thesis on Pierre de Montreuil and 13th century architecture, Jacques Moulin was one of the project's first supporters.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Fresh from his restoration experience at Provins, he proposed that Guédelon castle should be both a visitor attraction and a place of genuine research into the techniques employed in the construction of historical buildings. The aim at Guédelon would no longer be to simply produce a finished castle, but rather to observe, down to the finest detail, each phase of the construction. This was a considerable challenge: a rigorous scientific approach would be required, that had to be both appealing to the public, and capable of providing answers to the questions of medievalists.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

"The Guédelon building site has provided me with a unique experience in my role as head architect.  If I want accurate restorations, I need to use building techniques which even specialised companies do not master.  We are confronted by a paradox: rebuild the old with radically modern methods." 


Jacques Moulin interviewed by Monelle Hayot for La Demeure Historique.

© Guédelon

© Guédelon

Planning permission was granted by Treigny's town hall on July 25th 1997.

Jacques Moulin's plans provide a general impression of the castle's outward appearance: the position of the towers and castle buildings etc.

The specific details - vaults, windows, stairs, doors etc. - are scrutinized, and then the architectural plans are drawn up, by the project's master-mason, Florian Renucci.


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Guédelon is open!

The site re-opened its doors on March 16th.

You will find full details of our dates and opening times here on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you this season to watch the work in progress, notably the building of the castle's final cross-rib vault in the chapel tower, but also the working watermill and the exhibition on hydraulic power in the Middle Ages..




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