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Live the 21st-century medieval adventure!

Guédelon offers both beginners and trained professionals the opportunity to be part of the Guédelon venture for a number of days

Course participants are supervised by members of the Guédelon team © Guédelon - Ph. Guédelon

Inscriptions for 2019 season are open.

Guédelon offers working holidays and courses. Minors may only apply on condition that they are aged 16 and are accompanied by an adult

No specific skills are required - only a positive attitude, a desire to learn and an interest in our venture.

French is the main language spoken on site;  for safety reasons, it is important to speak French.

Please note that places on our courses are limited: you should not come to the site to work until you have received confirmation that your application has been successful.

A course participant helps to empty the kiln after firing of roof tiles © Guédelon

Spending time at Guédelon is an opportunity to:

  • Find out more about heritage and conservation by helping build a castle with reference to defined archaeological models
  • Take part in a unique venture alongside other enthusiasts
  • Join the Guédelon team and experience daily life on the construction site
  • Benefit from the experience of the team in order to learn more about 13th-century building techniques.

The construction site is in the middle of a forest, 6km from the nearest village (Saint-Sauveur) and 30km from the nearest railway station (Cosne-sur-Loire). You must come with a means of transport, as no public transport runs to, or from, the site. 

You should be in good health. If you have not previously visited the site, before starting the course, it is advisable to consult our website and contact us if you require any additional information about the project.

Course participants work alongside the castle-construction team © Guédelon

Three options:

Individuals (Master builder course = Les Bâtisseurs): The course runs from 4 - 7 days maximum.  For safety reasons, unaccompanied minors cannot be accepted on the master builder course.

Professional work placement (Les stagiaires): This course is designed for students as part of their professional training.  Guédelon is a certified heritage skills training centre: we consider applications from French-speaking work experience students for periods ranging from one week up to a month.

Groups accompanied by teacher: This course is aimed at groups of students accompanied by their teacher/course leader (who must speak French fluently). The group size - including tutors - must not exceed 10 people if fluent French-speakers, 4 people if only basic French. The course runs for a minimum of 3 days and a week maximum.  All participants for non-French groups must be at least 18 years of age. 

Please carefully read through all the conditions for applying for a place (in French only).

If you agree to our conditions, please download, complete and return the document which corresponds to the course to which you wish to apply (in French only).

Please send to Morgane Reynier:

Our contact : Morgane Tel : +3 (0)3 86 45 66 69

Guédelon - Départementale 955 - 89520 Treigny

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