The siting of a castle was never left to chance. Whether built at a tactical location controlling lines of communication, or to dominate a region as a display of power and authority, the building of a future castle was always the fruit of a strategic approach.

a strategic site

Materials are transported by horse and cart © Guédeon - Ph. C. Guérard

Guédelon is no exception to this rule. The site was chosen principally because of its close proximity to suitable construction materials. Transport was extremely costly in the Middle Ages: numerous taxes and tolls could double the value of the supplies.

On top of this, transporting goods - whether by road or by waterway - could considerably lengthen the construction time.

stone: ferruginous sandstone

Block of ferruginous sandstone from Guédelon quarry ©Guédelon - Ph. Guédelon

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wood: oak

Felling an oak © Guédelon - Ph.Guédelon

earth: mulptiple uses

Pots of ochre and pigment © Guédelon - Ph. C. Guérard

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